A Baltusrol Golf Club Wedding: Newport Meets New Jersey: New Jersey Wedding Photography

Gail & John Henry met on vacation at beach in Newport, RI, and quickly bonded when they both found out they lived in Beacon Hill in Boston.  The next five years flew by with summers at Newport Beach.  John Henry knew his beautiful bride-to-be well when he planned out his proposal on a Christmas holiday at his family home in Rhode Island.  He took a little detour and arranged a private tour of The Vanderbilt Hotel for Gail, who is a talented interior designer.  It was chilly and it took a little coaxing and a glass of champagne to get her out onto the patio deck, but, as she stepped out, she saw John Henry shivering with a photo album of their favorite moments together and he dropped to one knee and proposed! The bride grew up in New Jersey, where she learned to play golf at an early age with her dad, and her family's life revolved around Baltusrol Golf Club.  John Henry realized very early on that he would have to learn to love golf if he was going to be accepted into the family.  Lucky for him, he was a natural at the game and quickly won the family over with his warmth and good nature.   For their big day, there was no other place that they could imagine than the Kennedy family's home away from home: Baltusrol Golf Club.  Gail worked with Lynda Dandenau to create a Chinoiserie theme for her wedding, mixed with classic country club appeal and a little golf for good measure.  They started with peonies and dogwood, and wanted to keep the look playful with bright navy blue and conch shell pink.  J Papers in Greenwich helped custom design the pagoda that was engraved on the invitations to introduce the chinoiserie theme.  Each detail was crafted to perfection.  Not even the intermittent thunder and lighting could keep her spirits down.  The minute the sun came out from behind the clouds, she kicked off her Kate Spade's, grabbed a cocktail and a putter, and headed for the course with her handsome new husband.


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