Press Books Are Here! Monmouth County Portrait Photographers

Easter is around the corner!  What a wonderful keepsake to have for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!  Comes in three great sizes a 10" X 10" a 5"x5" and a mini accordion.  The smaller sizes are great for mom's bag!  The adorable accordion comes in sets of three and their magnetic!  What fun for the fridge!  Order this week for a special discount!  Order deadline for discount is Friday March 26, 2010. 5x5 Book Cover

5x5 Danyluk_pg_1

5x5 Danyluk_pg_2

5x5 Danyluk_pg_3

5x5 Danyluk_pg_4 5x5 Danyluk_pg_5

5x5 Danyluk_pg_6

5x5 Danyluk_pg_7

5x5 Danyluk_pg_8

5x5 Danyluk_pg_9

5x5 Danyluk_pg_10

5x5 Danyluk_pg_11

5x5 Danyluk_pg_12

5x5 Danyluk_pg_13

5x5 Danyluk_pg_14

5x5 Danyluk_pg_15

5x5 Danyluk_pg_16

5x5 Danyluk_pg_17

5x5 Danyluk_pg_18

5x5 Danyluk_pg_19

5x5 Danyluk_pg_20