8 Tips for Great Maternity Portraits: NJ Portrait Photography


1.  Ask for Help: New moms have so many things to worry about that sometimes the day of a portrait session they don't have enough hands to get ready.  Have a friend, sister, or sitter - someone your comfortable with - to come for a few hours the day of the shoot so you have time to get ready.

2. Treat Yourself to New Lingerie: Many new moms to be get out their fancy lingerie from pre pregnancy and find that the fit is not the same.  Treat yourself to a trip to the store and have a professional find you the correct bra size.  Get your nails done with a light colored polish as darker polishes can appear almost black in photos.  You deserve it!

3.  Think about Wardrobe: Lay out a few different outfits to give your photographer some options.  Flowing fabrics are beautiful but remember to show of your new shape. Grab your husbands white button down.  A crisp white button down makes a great outfit with your new bra underneath and boy shorts.  If your have a wall portrait in mind, think about the colors you decorate with and coordinate your wardrobe to compliment.

5. Invite Your Husband or Partner: Having your significant other with you on the shoot can be a touching reminder of the new bond you share.  It is less about the styling and more about capturing those emotions and the growing love between you two.

6. Put Your Wedding and Engagement Rings on a Necklace: Swelling is normal during pregnancy and sometimes rings don't fit properly.  Putting your wedding and engagement rings on a nice chain and wearing them on your neck is a way to keep those precious items in the photos.

7. Prep Your Nursery: Having a few photographs in your new nursery is a fun way to remember the first moments.  Details of the new crib, stuffed animals, baby blankets and other baby shower gifts are wonderful images for memory books.

8. Think About Display:  Before you shoot think about how you want to display your images.  Some new moms get a fine art print from the session to display in their bedrooms, nursery or changing rooms.  Starting a collection of custom photo books is also fabulous way to document your little ones life and when they get older children love to look through their books.  If you like to keep things a little more private a silk trifold with a few images can be a beautiful intimate reminder of this amazing moment.

Tulips and Smiles: Mother's Day

I have beautiful photographs of my rug rats and no tulips left in my garden!  I just love photographing my kids in the spring.  Max gets to climb "his" tree and Ella gets to raid my flowers.  I'm still getting used to Mother's Day being my day too.

_TMW3068EllanMax_02_TMW3060EllanMax_03EllanMax_04EllanMax_05 Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom!!! A true treasure!